Systems Engineering


Systems Engineering project is a complex project which combines a variety of disciplines, stakeholders and which must address the capabilities and limitations of all parties. Systems Engineering management process includes a variety of methods and tools, and one of them is the Requirements Management.

Our company specializes in Requirements Management and Validation&Varification (V&V) processes in multi-system high-cost projects.  

Requirements Management (RM)


Usually, Requirements Management process is associated with high-tech industry, but today it has many uses in other areas, such as Energy and Civil Engineering.

Over the years our company has been involved in several large scale projects which have incorporated elements of civil engineering, mechanical engineering and systems engineering. Such multi-disciplinary projects usually contain a long list of different requirements derived from the customer which require skilled care. We have been exposed to real necessity of proper management of customer requirements and have specialized in this area.


Project requirements define the project scope (product or service). Mostly these are contractual requirements, but requirements from other sources, such as laws, standards, are added as well. Project requirements constitute one of the principal means of communication between client and contractor. Requirements define what the contractor has to provide to the customer in order to comply with the contract. They define what the customer wants and what the contractor is committed to provide.


Implementation of the Requirements Management process in the company or project organization is the basis for efficient product development, effective project management and the ability to cope with compleity and risks.


Objectives of Requirements Management are as follows:

  • To map and manage the requirements of the project until proof of compliance

  • To identify inconsistencies between requirements and the project's plans and work products

  • To support other Project Management processes, e.g. Change Management, Risk Management, Configuration Management, etc.


Our company offers an universal and innovative method for managing requirements in large scale industrial projects from the early stage of signing a contract to delivering the project to the customer. This method is applicable for both client (developer) and contractor and might be implemented in different types of projects (budget project, PFI, etc.).

In addition, we assist organizations in implementing the subject of Requirements Management on different levels (Management, Business Units, IT), including selecting tools and methodology, writing procedures, training staff.


The main benefits of the proposed approach are the systematic tracking and frequent monitoring after requirements have been developed during the project life-cycle. This includes platform for managing changes and interfaces. As a result, we achieve shortened schedules and reduced project costs.


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