Building Information Modeling

Rapid development of information technology at the end of the 20th century and early 21st century did not pass the field of architecture and construction. The concept of BIM is defined by Professor Chuck Eastman back in 1975, but only now begun a massive application of BIM.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) – is a comprehensive approach to building a structure which unites within all aspects of design, construction, technology and finance and the interplay between them. It is basically a computer model of the structure, which includes all data regarding the future structure. "All data" – this is the key word because BIM can provide all kinds of information required for the specific object structure or the entire structure, including production plans, sections and details very high accuracy in all subjects - civil engineering, architecture, electrical / communication, air conditioning, safety.


Data can be isolated or grouped on demand and it gives the possibility to calculate technological and economic parameters (e.g. bill of quantities) about a single object or group of objects. Various data extraction from the model enables analysis for planning and ongoing management of the project.


Currently the majority of potential consumers of BIM technology consider BIM as another alternative for the production of design products. This perception is correct, but it's BIM much more. The BIM model offers a Planning of Design working method and upgrading the process of building construction to a completely different level.


The implementation of BIM helps:

  • Reducing design time from 30% to 50%

  • Reducing time period of analysis and decision-making

  • Quick financial calculations

  • The high-level design products


We offer the following BIM services:

  • Consulting and design planning (Planning of Design)

  • Modeling MEP

  • Integration of BIM in all aspects of project management (5D)

  • Coordination Systems / coordinating implementation



We cooperate with the office Maimoni Engineering and Consulting Ltd, a company among the leaders in the BIM field in Israel.