Project Management


Successful project is one achieves its goals while meeting various constraints, such as time schedule, budget, usage of human and non-human resources. In addition, integral and equally important goal is the satisfaction of the client. Of course, There are other criteria for a successful project: project execution while maintaining procedures and standards, meeting customer requirements, maintaining the original design, etc.

Project is a one-time event, limited by time and budget, and designed to create a product or a service. Project management is a collection of coordinated activities performed during a relatively short period in order to realize the goals of the project.

Our project managers have extensive knowledge and proven success in project management, thanks to many years of experience in various projects, backed by PMP certification (Association of the global PMI). We fit in all five phases of the project life:


Project initiation

  • Selection of the best project given resource limits

  • Recognizing the benefits of the project

  • Preparation of the documents to sanction the project

  • Assigning of the project manager


Project planning

  • Definition of the work requirements

  • Definition of the quality and quantity of work

  • Definition of the resources needed

  • Scheduling the activities

  • Evaluation of the various risks


Project execution

  • Negotiating for the project team members

  • Directing and managing the work

  • Working with the team members to help them improve


Project monitoring and control

  • Tracking progress

  • Comparing actual outcome to predicted outcome

  • Analyzing variances and impacts

  • Making adjustments


Project closure

  • Verifying that all of the work has been accomplished

  • Contractual closure of the contract

  • Financial closure of the charge numbers

  • Administrative closure of the paperwork


Over the years we manage projects in different areas such as: Residential Construction, Infrastructure, Power Station, Rail Transportation and more. For examples of our projects please click here.